Horticultural Services (Arthur Wegener - Qualified Horticulturist 1967)

Garden Design/Landscaping
Commercial and residential garden design and landscaping.

Tree Felling
Any size tree can be felled. When necessary ropes are used in dangerous situations or where property can be damaged.

Pruning / Once off garden clean-up
E.g. gardens in a neglected state or where gardens have been left unattended. Major/Minor tree felling and brush cutting work is also done.

Basic Operations

  • There will be at least 5 labourers present to carry out services.
  • Petrol driven machines are used as they are more reliable and faster (no need to worry aboutelectrical extension cables) but they are more costly to run and are noisier than electrical machines.

Our Staff

  • Are dressed in red overalls & are easily visible.
  • The foreman is dressed in a khaki overall.
  • Each member also has an individual code in front on his jacket pocket and behind on his pants pocket. Eg. C2. We find this helps should a problem arise, we know who to confront.
  • We have copies of each workers’ ID documents and residential addresses. This information is useful from a security point of view, and have had no reports of robberies at all up to date!
  • We only have permanent staff and do not use cheap, casual labour at all!
  • We conform to labour laws concerning their pay, leave (annual & sick) and hours worked per week.
  • All staff are members of the workman’s compensations therefore should a member be injured on duty, he or his family will be compensated and be of no burden to you.
  • All staff are also members of the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).
  • Staff consists of: 1 Foreman, 2 Skilled Labourers, 2 Labourers and I will also accompany them daily initially, thereafter weekly or monthly as need be.